UCSD's First Ever VR/AR/MR Hackathon

HackXR is UC San Diego's FIRST EVER Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality Hackathon. Hosted by the Virtual Reality Club at UCSD, the same team that built a record-breaking HTC Vive VR space at SD Hacks two years in a row. 

We're bringing together our innovative community and providing all of the resources needed to create incredible XR projects in 36 hours. We’ll be offering VR & AR equipment, mentors, workshops, and expertise from our veteran hackers throughout the entire event (plus tons of free food, prizes, and swag, of course!) Any university student can register!

This year, we're aiming to have 18 teams using VR equipment and 6 teams using AR equipment, for a total of 100 hackers! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

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Any university student can register, though travel reimbursement is not being provided at this time.


Any VR/MR/AR project created during the 36-hour event is eligible for submission.


Anish Kannan

Anish Kannan
Director, HackXR

Nisha Yerunkar

Nisha Yerunkar
Vice President, VR Club @ UCSD

Jurgen Schulze

Jurgen Schulze
Associate Adjunct Professor, UCSD

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How original was your project? Was the concept something you've never seen before or was it similar to existing projects?
  • XR Design
    How did your project take advantage of XR in a way that would be impossible in another medium? How intuitive was it to learn? Does it cause motion sickness? Judges will be trying all experiences; it's impossible to gauge an XR project without doing so!
  • Technical Difficulty
    How much effort did you put into your project and how difficult was it to achieve? This isn't necessarily related to skill level, we'll notice if a beginner team is going all out.
  • Awesomeness
    Does your project have a wow factor? This is a personal score for each judge that depends on your team's pitch, demo experience, and questions afterward.